In order to achieve the POLYVANTIS business objectives, Procurement provide and ensure as global functional team of the Methacrylate Verbund its experienced sourcing-excellence by effective processes and linking knowledge with leading suppliers and service providers.

Highest priority is set on a secured and safe supply of all goods and services for the Methacrylate Verbund. With our reliable suppliers we strive to develop and approach new sourcing-markets and -solution in order to minimize efforts and avoidable cost. The fulfillment of our ESHQ- (Environment, Safety, Health, Quality) and Compliance values is seen as standard in a business relationship with POLYVANTIS and are pillars of the Procurement Strategy/-Sustainability endeavor.

Preconditions for suppliers and contractors

We insist on our suppliers to respect the POLYVANTIS Procurement Standards (General Terms and Conditions of Purchase) and expect performance and continuous sustainable sourcing driven by a trustful partnership.

Compliance with the POLYVANTIS Supplier Code of Conduct is mandatory for POLYVANTIS’ contractors and suppliers worldwide (option: contractor/supplier’s own comparable code of conduct).

Product information (Safety Data Sheets, Specifications, etc.) please send it by Email to:, as per. Art. 8.2. General Terms and Conditions of Purchase of POLYVANTIS GmbH.