Taking responsibility

In a time in which protecting our environment is an urgent global task, we as a company are taking responsibility.

We want to help close the loop for plastics. A key aspect of our sustainability activities is the resource-efficient use of raw materials in our production of semi-finished acrylic products. We lean into efficient processes and innovative technologies to minimize our consumption of natural resources while at the same time guaranteeing the quality of our products. Moreover, we already offer products manufactured using recycled raw materials.

Another important factor for us is the longevity of our sheets, films, tubes and rods. We place great value on developing solutions that not only meet the very highest quality standards, but also work reliably in the respective application for as long as possible. By manufacturing long-lasting products, we help to cut the amount of waste generated and, in turn, the demand for new raw materials. Once our acrylic products reach the end of their lifespan, they are easy to recycle and reuse in suitable processes.

At POLYVANTIS, we are keenly aware of our huge responsibility to the environment and to future generations. We work tirelessly to achieve our sustainability goals and want to make a positive contribution to shaping a future that is worth living for everyone.