Building & Construction

POLYVANTIS supplies a diverse range of semi-finished plastic products for architectural and interior design: Solid sheets, corrugated sheets, multi-skin sheets, tubes, rods and foils are available with different surface finishes and in a multitude of colors, unlocking a whole new range of design possibilities.

POLYVANTIS products offer myriad benefits for the construction industry: They are lightweight, while also being extremely stable and more shatter-proof than glass. Moreover, they can be formed into virtually any shape, can be processed even in large dimensions and are easy to install. They are also permanently resistant to UV and weathering. The high-quality, durable and recyclable plastics meet the requirements for sustainable, resource-efficient construction.



Versatile brand acrylic glass (PMMA) as sheets, blocks, tubes and rods in various colors and with a range of surface finishes for a multitude of applications.

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