Strict compliance to all applicable laws, rules, and regulations is an integral part of the corporate strategy of POLYVANTIS. We take responsibility and measure ourselves by the integrity of our actions.

We have defined our principles and rules in a binding Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct applies to all POLYVANTIS employees, regardless of the country in which they work or the activity they perform. All POLYVANTIS employees must report in good faith known or suspected violations of laws, rules, or regulations, or of our Code of Conduct. This can be done directly (to a supervisor or compliance officer) or through POLYVANTIS’s electronic whistleblower system.

In addition to employees, external stakeholders such as business partners and their employees, as well as neighbors of our sites, can also make reports through the electronic whistleblower system.

For technical reasons we do operate our whistleblower system jointly with Röhm GmbH. For the submission of a report, the respective POLYVANTIS entity needs to be selected. Technical and organizational security measures ensure the reporter’s anonymity and the confidentiality of reports when using the whistleblower system.

All incoming reports - whether direct or through the whistleblower system - are investigated promptly and in compliance with all local legal standards. Investigations strictly observe data protection regulations and confidentiality.