Diversity is in our genes. The name POLYVANTIS combines the Greek prefix ‘poly,’ meaning ‘many,” with the Italian ‘avanti’ or the French ‘avant,’ meaning ‘forward.’ This not only reflects the diversity of our products and our mission to achieve progress in the field of polymers – it also refers to the diversity of our DNA, which we view as the foundation of our progress. We embrace our identity as a community of different people, whose combination of different experiences, backgrounds and personalities allows us to grow – both personally and as a company. A diverse array of talented minds and perspectives, dedicated to tackling the challenges of our times with unbridled inquisitiveness, are the driving forces behind innovation and progress. This is what keeps us at POLYVANTIS agile, innovative and fit for the future.

Maintaining and expanding this diversity is a crucial task for all of us. But one thing is certain: Regardless of gender, ethnic background, age, sexual orientation, religion, vocational training or abilities, POLYVANTIS is committed to creating an environment where all employees can thrive and develop in the best way for them. We actively promote a culture of mutual trust and respect to ensure that our organization is progressive, colorful and healthy. Discrimination has no place here. If you are interested in joining us, we actively invite and encourage you to show your true self during the application process.

Gender diversity

Undoubtedly, chemicals and production have always been historically male-dominated fields. But we wouldn’t be who we are if we didn’t try to change this. Our goal at POLYVANTIS is to ensure true gender equality and equal opportunity across all levels of our organization. That is why we offer our employees a family-friendly work environment, enabling them to balance their careers and home lives to suit their needs. In addition to flexible parental leave options and part-time models, this also includes professional care advisory services by Amiravita.

Cultural diversity

POLYVANTIS has production sites in America, Europe, Asia and Africa, and a customer base from all over the world. People of countless nationalities work with and for one another every day, forming the engine that drives our innovation and success. This resulting diversity in perspectives and ideas fuels our ability to improve every single day. We are proud to be an inclusive workplace that welcomes individuals of any ethnic background, nationality, faiths and worldview.


We bring different age groups together. Many stay with us longer than average – a clear testament to the loyalty our employees have bestowed on us. At our organization, old hands work closely with new faces in the same department. We share knowledge and ideas and learn from and with one another. At POLYVANTIS, appreciation begins on day one and extends throughout your career with us. There are so many diverse ways to shape your career here, regardless of your age. We set ourselves the standard of supporting our employees in all stages of their life. From semi-retirement to leave accrual for pre-retirement planning, we offer countless different options.

People with disabilities

Every one of us has different physical and mental abilities. And everyone has their own strengths. We try to harness these different abilities into a collective force for the company. So rather than focusing on our employees’ disabilities, we focus on their abilities. There is a place for everyone here. The figures speak for themselves: 12% of our employees have a disability – more than twice the statutory minimum requirement.


The world is made up of all the colors of the rainbow – and so are we. We want to create a corporate culture of trust and respect, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.